Welcome to the SAINT JAMES SPIRITS Homepage.  You can obtain all the necessary information related to our products right through this webpage.  The menu frame bar to your left has our Company's Profile; a brief description on who we are and what we do.  Please also check our Product menu link; this links you to our whole inventory of various spirits. And if you have extra time on your schedule, please take a glance at our Awards page; here, you can see why Saint James Spirits lives up to the keyword, quality.

    Saint James Spirits is a fast growing company with over six different products.  These products include: Pineapple Brandy, Kirsch Brandy, Pineapple Rum, California Gold Agave, Peregrine Rock, and many more.  Here at Saint James, we take pride in following the old European tradition of distilling in small batches with the use of an Alambic Copper Pot Still; and each bottle of our spirit is distilled using only the finest ingredients.  So again, please feel free to look through our Home Page and be a part of the countless of others who have fallen in love with Saint James Spirits.

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