Founded in 1995, Saint James Spirits uses only the finest ingredients to create premium spirits with exceptional taste and smoothness.  Jim Busuttil, owner and founder of Saint James Spirits, brings with him centuries of family tradition in the wine and spirits business.  His father was Maltese, and as far back as anyone can remember they have always produced wine on the family farm.  The wine, which was quite good, was made mostly of muscat grapes, so you can be sure that natural was the key word.

 At the factory floor of Saint James Spirits, all the Spirits are stored and aged in French Oak Barrels. This insures that the Spirits of Saint James are truly one of quality and taste.

    A message from the founder...

    "It takes a substantial investment to get started in the distillation business.  And after years of saving, I was fortunate enough to be able to purchase a Alambic copper pot still from Germany.  It is only with the use of a pot still that the flavors of the fruit came through.  It is a very time consuming and lengthy process in which up to thirty pounds of fruit are used to produce only 750 ml of spirit.  My Alambic still is quite small, with a capacity of only 40 gallons, and it takes up to eight hours to produce 4 gallons of distillate.  We sacrifice up to 30% of the distillate to capture and preserve the distinctive fruit aromas which define a great Eau de Vie.  Undesirable flavors which emerge at the start (called the heads) and the end (the tails) of the distilling are discarded.  The heart, which remains, is a pure fruit representing a yield of only 70% of the potential volume".

    "I have tried to create unique products, and I believe that I have succeeded in producing some exceptional ones.  My pineapple brandy is made from only 100% Maui Grown pineapples.  It is a very smooth Eau de Vie with a rich pineapple aroma.  I take great pride in my Kirsch and Williams pear brandy, both of which are very smooth and have rich fruit aroma.  But I am most proud of my rum with natural pineapple flavors and my California Gold Agave.  The Rum is the original and only Pineapple Rum with natural pineapple flavoring on the market today."

-James Busuttil
Owner and Founder

Who is James Busuttil?

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